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Trivia and various information


In every show/movie there are mistakes/bloopers/etc.
Here I will list all the ones I've found from Digimon.
(You may send in yours too).

WARNING: If you don't want to spoil your Digimon watching experience press your back button or go to another section of this site NOW!




*In "And So It Begins...", Tai says that "...it starts snowing. In the middle of July." But when he returns home in "Home Away From Home" arriving the same day he left for camp, the calender on the fridge says August First. What happened to the fifteen to twenty days between the two dates?

*In the Digimon Movie Part II, when Diaboromon traps Patamon against the wall with his claw, Patamon's left front leg is orange.

*In "Opposites Attract" when Patamon is saying something, his front legs are orange, not cream colored like they are supposed to be.

*What exactly is Sora's headgear supposed to be? In some episodes it's a hard helmet hat and in others it's a soft hat.

*In "A Clue from the Digi-Past" when Mimi and Tentomon are lost in the labyrinth, Mimi cries "I'm even starting to miss my baby brother!" But in "Flower Power" we wfind out that Mimi doesn't have a baby brother, she's an only child.

*In "Garurumon" Matt says that he and TK are half brothers. But in reality they are actually full brothers. There parents just got divorced.

*In "Togemon in Toytown" Matt says the thing he misses most is the steaks his mom made every Sunday. But Matt's lived with his dad for years and hasn't seen his mom.

*In "A New Digitude" Kari mentions that her picture of the Tyrannomon came out with them having red-eye. But the Tyrannomon have blue eyes (their eyes had been turned red by the Emperor) and their backs were to the camera.

*In one of the Etemon saga episodes Tai says to Joe, "You whine more than my puppy!" But Tai has a cat not a dog.

*In "The Battle for Earth" when Kari introduces Salamon to the others she mentions that her apartment doesn't allow pets. But what is Miko? Isn't he a pet?

*In the 02 theme song the lyrics sometimes change from "Armor Digivolve" to "Digivolve into Ultimate!"

*In "The Crest of Kindness" who told Kari that Ken's crest was the Crest of Kindness?

*In Season 1, Snimon in pronounced "Sny-mon." But in Season 2 it's pronounced "Snee-mon."

*Davis knew to say "Digi Armor Energize" even though no one told him that.

*The Digi Analyzer says that Centarumon is an evil digimon, even without the black gear. But after Kabuterimon and Togemon destroy the gear, it turns out he is really very nice. He also helps then in later episodes.

*In "Togemon in Toytown" Agumon says that the only thing that is able to drive off the Numemon is the sun. But in "Crest of Sincerity" the Numemon run off the cruise ship into the sun-filled desert.

*In "Gateway to Home" when Greymon digivolves to MetalGreymon, he says his name twice. "Greymon digivolve to... MetalGreymon! MetalGreymon!"

*The episode "Run Yolie Run" was spelled wrong. Yolei's name is 'ei' not 'ie'. (Thanks Abunai84@netscape.net)

*In "Departure for a New Continent", Gennai has some problems with the connection while he's talking to the DigiDestined. He says, "Oh no, Devimon! Oh no!". Devimon was destroyed in the previous episode, so how can he be interfering with the connection?

*In "Prisoner in the Pyramid", Tai tells Izzy that he can see through the wall. The thing is, when Tai's talking, it's a girls voice you hear instead of Tai's.

*In "All on the Cards" Garurumon says 'Blue Blaster' as his attack instead of 'Howling Blaster'. Blue Blaster is Gabumon's attack.

*When Angemon digivolves to MagnaAngemon, the background music says 'Warp digivolve'. But Angemon is just digivolving to the next level not jumping to Mega.

*How did Davis know to say 'Digi Armor Energize' to make Veemon armor digivolve? No one told him. In the next episode Hawkmon and Armadillomon had to tell Yolei and Cody to say it.

*In "The Crest of Sincerity", Palmon dreams of digivolving to Togemon to provide shade for the others from the intense heat. But in the dream, Palmon is shown sitting next to Mimi. How can she be in two places at once?

*"In Prisoner in the Pyramid" Mimi remarks that the projections of the DigiWorld and Real World look like the balls of yarn her kitty played with. But when she's back home, there's no sign of a kitten.

*In "Almost Home Free" when Tentomon saves Izzy he remarks "You had to have that extra side of chilly fries didn't you?" But Izzy hadn't eaten anything because he and Joe were separated from the group, who spent all the money on food.

*In "WereGarurumon's Diner" when the group separates, Joe says he's shoelaces are untied. But Joe's shoes don't have shoelaces on them.

*In "Samurai of Sincerity" TK says that Digitamamon attacked Matt because he asked for half price on his food. But what actually happened is that Matt asked if he could leave to find TK and that's why Digitamamon attacked. Stated in "WereGarurumon's Diner".

*In "Ghost of a Chance", the DigiDestined all meet on August First to celebrate the anniversary of them defeating Myotismon. But August First was the day Tai returned home in "Home Away From Home". They didn't defeat Myotismon until a few days later.

**In "The Fate of Two Worlds" Tai points to a spot on a rock and mentions that that's where Agumon first used his Pepper Breath attack to attack Seadramon. But, actually, the first time Agumon used his attack was against Kuwagamon in the first episode and then against Shellmon in the second.

*In "A Very Digi Christmas" Matt says that he feeds his dad's cooking to the dog. But there is no evidence of a dog in the apartment.

*In "Departure for a New Continent" Gennai tells the DigiDestined that Devimon hid the tags then scattered the crests all over Server. But in "The Ultimate Clash" we see Piedmon stealing the tags and crests. So how could Devimon have gotten them?

*In "Spirit Needle" the Digimon that comes from the control spire is called Goelmon, but the Digimon Analyzer calls him Rockmon.

*In "United We Stand" Raidramon says that the attacking Minotarumon is a champion level Digimon. But Minotarumon is really an ultimate level Digimon.

*In "The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined" Kari remembers something that Myotismon said three years ago. This is both right and wrong. In the Japanese version, 01 and 02 are three years apart. But in the American version, the two seasons are four years apart, making Kari's statement off by a year.

*In "Run Yolei Run" Izzy calls his digivice a D3.

*In "A Very Digi Christmas" Kari says Upamon, but the Digimon is Tsubumon.

*There's a constant switch between the two seasons happening three years ago to four years ago.

*The two pictures below show you that Kari has her own bedroom. Then in another episode it shows you that she shares a bedroom with Tai. The first pic shows Kari's bedroom and the second one shows Kari's and Tai's bedroom. (Thanks from: Kamiyax@aol.com)

*In summarizing the episode "The Odd One Out", Rika the Narrator said "...After that, Kapurimon was the most popular kid in school..." It actually should be Gabumon, because he was the outsider who saved Kapurimon.

*In "Trailmon vs. Trailmon" the D-Tector labled Dogmon as Doggymon.

*In "Spirit Needle" the Digi-Analyzer said Rockmon, but everyone called him Goelmon.

*There seem to be two spelling of Goelmon. In 02 it's 'el' and in Frontier it's 'le'.

*In "Spirit Needle" Mimi asks Yolei for her D-3 to contact Ken, Yolei hands her the D-Terminal. What Mimi should have asked for in the first place was the D-Terminal.

*In "A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon" when Koji calls on his beast spirit, the picture shows Lobomon. His beast spirit is KendoGarurumon.

*In "You Want Fries With That?" when Kazemon, Kumamon, and Beetlemon 'slide-evolution' to their beast spirits, Beetlemon, in the center, goes backwards. It really goes human spirit on the right slide to the left for the beast spirit, but Beetlemon does the opposite. He slide evolves right from MetalKabuterimon left to Beetlemon. He moves the opposite way and evolves to the wrong spirit.

*In "All On The Cards" Garurumon used the attack 'Blue Blaster' on the enemy. Blue Blaster is Gabumon's attack. Garurumon's attack is Howling Blaster.

*In "Piedmon's Last Jest" when Angemon digivolves to MagnaAngemon, in the background is heard 'warp-digivolve'. Angemon is digivolving to his ultimate form, not warping to his mega form.

*In "Now Apocalymon" when Apocalymon used his attack to turn the Digimon back to their usual states, Matt remarks "They're rookies!" Gatomon is a champion Digimon.

*In "Almost Home Free" when Dwayne pushes Izzy off the bridge, Tentomon catches him and remarks, "You had to have those extra chili fries!" Izzy and Joe had lost the group and didn't get anything to eat.

*In "Prophecy" Izzy is explaining to his parents about Angemon and Angewomon and he mentions that Angemon is the fully digivolved version of Patamon. Angemon is only a champion, not an ultimate.

*In "Oikawa's Shame", BlackWarGreymon uses the rest of his power to seal the Highton View Terrace gate to the Digital World. WarGreymon stands there, watching, and yelling "BlackWarGreymon! BlackWarGreymon!" But then, in the Digital World, Agumon is seen standing with the rest of the Digimon, and says "Thank you, BlackWarGreymon." He's one fast Digimon.

*In "My Brother in Spirit" Takuya's telling Koji that if he doesn't save his brother Koichi, who will. Just one problem. How did Takuya know Koji's twin brother's name was Koichi? No one told him and he was way too far away to hear Duskmon and Beowolfmon talking. (Thanks, Madison! CardCaptors Digimon Realm of Anime)

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